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Buying a new home?

We highly encourage all buyers to have a home inspection performed! Your home inspection report will contain a large amount of information, from small maintenance items, marginal defects, to significant and safety hazard items to keep in mind. Use your home inspection report as a negotiating tool to get items repaired and/or to lower your purchasing price. Additionally, you can use your report as a “honey-do list” once you get settled in.

Selling your home?

Thinking about putting your house on the market? You should consider our pre-listing home inspection! By having a pre-listing inspection done, you will know all issues that could arise from a potential buyers’ inspection! Identify and resolve deficiencies before your house goes on the market to ensure you get the highest offer and top dollar for your house!

Are you building a new home or buying a new construction home?

We offer three stages of New Construction home inspections, we offer 1) Pre-Drywall inspection, 2) Final Home Inspection, and a 4 -point/11 month warranty inspections.

1) Pre-Drywall inspections

These inspections allow home buyers the opportunity to have a 3rd party come in during the building phase right before the builders put up drywall. It gives the buyers peace of mind that no corners are being cut and that all building methods/standards are being followed. We look at all framing members, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, roof, HVAC Ductwork, and foundation. It gives you the opportunity to know what is behind your finished walls and to ensure that your home is being built with the highest quality. Any issues we find during this phase are listed in a report and can be brought to the builders’ attention for correction.

2) Final Home Inspection.

This inspection is the same type of home inspection you would have on any re-sale property. Typically this inspection is done at the same time you do your “Blue-Tape Walk Through”. We highly encourage all buyers, whether the home is new or not, to have this inspection because no home is perfect. Not even new construction. Builders in our area do a great job and are very intelligent. However, they have several different contractor companies that come in doing several jobs at different times that it becomes difficult for them to monitor everything that is being done. This is when/where things are done incorrectly. When we come in after the building is complete, anything we note in a report can be taken to the builder to have repaired.

3) 4 point / 11 month warranty inspection.

When you buy a new construction home, builders typically give you a window of 12 months to submit issues and ask for repairs. So at the 11 month mark, an inspector would come in and check the main 4 components (Electrical, Plumbing, Roof, Foundation) as well as the major appliances (HVAC, Water Heater). Generally, the first year a house will settle some and cause some cracking in the foundation. If we note this, you could discuss with the builder about repairs prior to the expiration of your new home warranty.

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